Should you be going to see properties during the COVID-19 crisis?

If you are currently searching for a home or investment property in Ontario during these difficult circumstances I would not encourage you to physically attend a showing unless it is absolutely necessary.

Here are the steps you should follow before requesting that your realtor bring you to see a property during the COVID-19 state of emergency:

  • Look at all of the photos of the property online
  • Take the virtual tour of the property online
  • Research the neighbourhood
  • Research the school district if this is something that is important for you
  • Look at the transit options from this property. Will they work for you?
  • Will the lot size work for you?
  • Does is have the parking and accessibility that you require?
  • Have you looked at the home inspection report if there is one provided for this property?
  • Ask your realtor to verify all of the important factors regarding this property
  • Have you had your financing and mortgage pre-approval organized

After verifying all of the information and details above and deciding that you would definitely like to see this property during the COVID-19 pandemic ensure that you and your realtor take the following precautions:

  • Have your realtor verify that the property has been routinely cleaned and sanitized
  • Ask your realtor go to the property before you and open up all of the doors
  • Wear rubber gloves while you are at the property
  • Maintain the recommended physical distance from your realtor and anyone else who may be at the property
  • Do not touch anything at the property
  • Dispose of your rubber gloves immediately after you leave

This is a challenging time to navigate the real estate market. Things are changing by the hour. What is safe and recommended today may not be the same tomorrow. Technology allows us to do so much these days so keep your search as virtual as possible until it is definitely necessary to physically see a property.

Please do your best to protect the healthy and safety of yourself, your family and your realtor as we navigate this unusual period of COVID-19 together.

As always I’m here if you need any help or have any questions.