For some reason I was always afraid of working out with a group. I was a lone wolf when it came to moving my body. I would walk alone, run alone and workout in my basement all by myself. A few years ago a friend challenged me on this fear. She gently persuaded me to come to a group fitness class. At the time I had promised myself that I would take myself out of my comfort zone. People seemed to be raving and ranting about the benefits of scaring yourself a little and so I said “YES”.

I nearly passed out at my first class at Well&Tight class. I had never moved my body in such ways before. It only took me about 20 seconds to realize that nobody there gave a damn about what anyone looked like. We were all there to get fitter and stronger together. This was a place where you could be yourself, you could be vulnerable and you would be supported.

I have been addicted to Well&Tight classes ever since and have never looked back. Joining this group has changed my life in so many ways. I am fitter than I ever thought possible, I am happy in my body and mind, I have connected with an incredible range of strong and talented women and have shared so much with this wonderful community over the past few years.

I was so excited to hear that Nat, the founder of Well&Tight had some big plans to extend her philosophy and vision to a place and space where people could come together. Nat has worked diligently on her beautiful cottage in Muskoka over the past couple of years to design a space where people can gather to pause, reflect, connect and grow. I just got back from my first Well&Tight Immersive Weekend and I just had to share my wonderful experience with you.

The cottage is a very easy drive from Toronto. We left at 1:30 on a Friday and arrived 2 hours and 15 minutes later. The Well&Tight Immersive Cottage is set on Crane Lake just a little west of Lake Joseph in Muskoka. Every single inch of this cottage has been designed with thought and love. Nat worked incredibly hard with Joan MacAlpine of Joan & Co to create a space which would nurture togetherness but where there are also so many quiet and beautiful little nooks and crannies for quiet reflection and alone time. We arrived into a magical winter wonderland in Muskoka. There was a fresh coat of snow on the winding road up to the cottage. The Muskoka trees still had some golden fall leaves hanging on and they were beautifully powdered with snow.

When you arrive into the cottage there is just so much to behold. The huge windows which wrap around the whole space. You feel like you are in a treehouse. The stunning landscape has become part of the decor. The white, light and bright snowy landscape coming in the dramatic windows was reflected so nicely in the light and neutral and cozy decor. There is a huge open concept kitchen, living and dining room which is set up high on a gorgeous lot overlooking the the dock on Crane Lake. My favourite space in the cottage was a side sitting room with wrap around windows and the most beautiful and comfortable sofa you have ever seen. Be prepared to read and lounge in this gorgeous spot for hours. It was heavenly!

Every bedroom in the cottage is light, spacious and beautifully decorated. There are gorgeous views of the landscape in every single room. Nat built a studio which overlooks the lake. Complete with a gas fireplace, large french doors which walk out to the deck and a stunning second kitchen, this is unlike any other studio you have ever seen. The perfect setting for both working out hard and enjoying a quiet and deep meditation after your efforts. Lounging on our yoga mats by the fire was the perfect way to carry out our group workshops.

The immersive weekend includes everything you need. All you need to bring is yourself and your clothes. All of your meals and snacks are included. All of the food we enjoyed over the entire weekend was nothing short of spectacular. Mike Murdoch was our personal Cordon Bleu Chef for the weekend and every single bite and sip of sustenance he prepared for us was delicious. Mike was a fantastic addiction to the weekend. Not only is he simply a beautiful human being but he just taught us so much. He is extremely well versed in all aspects of the food industry. It was a joy to talk to him about his own journey and experience with food and health. Mike is also a Certified Yoga Teacher. He prepared all of our plant based meals and snacks with great care. Learn more about how you can move, nourish and heal with Mike here.

Well&Tight’s regular schedule offers a great range of fitness classes. The current timetable offers Yoga, Inferno Pilates, HIIT, BARRE and SAOR (a vigouros workout for your body and mind designed especially by Nat).

The immersive weekend takes elements from all of the classes to ensure you are moving your body in many different ways. We worked out HARD but we were rewarded with some great meditation and relaxation after each effort. Nat is truly skilled at helped people quiet the mind and she will help you get to a place where you will find the answers. The workouts are challenging but Nat always designs them in a way that you will find it manageable and enjoyable. She is truly a phenomenal trainer who always knows what to say. She makes you push harder. Every workout with her leaves you a little stronger both mentally and physically.

If you have been having a rough tome, if you are stuck in life, if you are having issues with work, your relationship, your kids or if you just need to re-connect with yourself, the movement, meditations and workshops at this retreat will be just what you need to crack things wide open and get you headed on the right track.

This is not a “fluffy” retreat. Yes the surroundings are beautiful, the cottage is stunning and the food is a treat but you need to be prepared to dive deep on this weekend. You will be given the tools in this couple of days to find out what is really going on with you. You will not be pushed but you will find your issues may come to the surface because Nat creates such a safe, comfortable and supportive environment.

I think I would have a better chance of winning the lottery than the strike of luck I had on this weekend. All of the other women on this retreat were amazing, beautiful, strong and loving people. I am so lucky to have met them all. The work we did as a group, looking at ourselves and our lives has created an exceptional bond. One which I know will be nurtured for years to come. This immersive weekend has changed me for the better. I have a new perspective on many important issues and I am so connected to myself, my body and to the other amazing people who I shared this wonderful experience with. I felt like I had the benefit of about 10 years of therapy in one weekend. I cannot wait to do it again so that I will continue to see things in a positive and new light.

Nat has designed a beautiful cottage and an incredible, valuable experience in her immersive weekends. This lady truly cares about helping you live a better life. She will honestly help you in any way she can. Her force, her attitude, her vision and her commitment to her community are an inspiration.

So if hiking in a stunning natural setting, eating delicious food, relaxing in a fabulously designed cottage, connecting with yourself and connecting with a great group of women with an exceptional facilitator sound appealing, go ahead and book yourself in for one of Nat’s immersive weekends in 2020 (they do sell out quickly just FYI!).

Also if you are a resident of Bloor West Village, The Junction, Swansea, The Kingsway, Sunnylea or Etobicoke you should try out a Well&Tight class today! Well&Tight is currently located at Jane & Dundas. Reach out if you have anymore questions about this wonderful immersive experience. I would be so happy to answer any questions you may have. Follow Nat’s journey on instagram @wellandtight and be sure to check out her website.