This week we chatted with Melanie Stevens Sutherland, Clinic Director at Body Co. in The Junction

Why did you decide to start your own business?

I’ve been a physiotherapist for 18 years and starting my own business was always part of my long term plan. It wasn’t until I got pregnant however that opening my own clinical practice became a reality. I absolutely love my work and thoroughly enjoy spending time daily with my clients but as a new mom I also didn’t want to compromise on motherhood. I firmly believed that I could ambitiously pursue my career and be devoted to my daughter and family, on my terms, at the same time. Unfortunately my industry at the time didn’t support that goal, either in my existing position or in the job market for my level of expertise. Frustrated by my options I decided to create a better one for myself and Body Co was born.

What is the philosophy at Body Co?

Much of our philosophy at Body Co is based on my own personal experience. In balancing motherhood and running a growing business, I’ve come to realize that time is my most valuable currency. We understand that is also the case for most of the people we serve.
Our clinic and team aim to honour that by offering a range of services and professionals that can meet the holistic healthcare needs of your whole family in one place. We work collaboratively as a team to create an amazing client experience that allows our clients to be able to achieve their goals without having to run all over town. We provide efficiency in healthcare to give clients back the time for the things that matter most in their life.

What type of services do you offer?

Our services are growing by the day in response to what our clients are telling us they need to achieve the best version of themselves. Currently we offer:
Orthopaedic and Sport Physiotherapy
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for Women, Men and Children
Paediatric Physiotherapy
Perinatal Physiotherapy
Registered Massage Therapy
Naturopathic Medicine
Are there additional services offered by Body Co?
Each of our specialties have multiple services within each of their offerings. For example our naturopathic doctor is able to run any lab or blood test that a family doctor can run and can also do nutritional consultations and supplement reviews. We have two amazing osteopathic candidates each with their own speciality; one focuses on concussions while the other is an expert in diastasis recti.
We also have a small retail businesses where we share the products that we love and use ourselves with our community.
That being said, we always encourage our clients to let us know if there is a way we can better serve them. If there is a product or a service we don’t offer, we will bring it in house if there is enough demand.

What is the most rewarding part of owning your own company?

I think being able to follow my two passions; running a business that I am incredibly proud of and that services so much of our community balanced with creating a life around my children and family. The first big goal I set for myself in business was to turn a profit while at the same being able to drop off and pick up my kids at school every day. By the time my daughter started kindergarten I was in a position to do that. I feel fortunate every day for the freedom that running my own business has given me to create that reality on my own terms.
What advice would you give to other women who are considering opening their own businesses?
There is never going to be a perfect time or a perfect scenario but there can be a perfect reason. When you know your “why” and you can hold that above everything else, the rest of the details can be figured out. Don’t let amazing opportunities pass you by in the pursuit of perfection because it will never come…until you cre

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