Blush has been trending for a couple of seasons now. The past couple of years I have been loving a neutral palette in my own home after previous years of WAY to much colour. Although my neutral creams and whites bring me a great sense of calm, comfort and ease, lately I find myself yearning for that little pop of something to add interest.

I am embracing the blush. It pairs so well with a neutral palette, creams, whites, greys and beige can all be complimented very well when you find the right mix of tones. If you are like me then purchasing a large piece of furniture is a HUGE commitment. I am not ready to commit to a blush sofa or blush walls but I have been slowly introducing some great accessories which allow me to embrace this trend without breaking the bank or splurging on something I may later regret!

Here are a few ways you can bring this fun element into your decor.

Throw pillow addiction is real. In this case it’s ok because this real curly sheepskin down pillow will go anywhere. On a cozy couch, a hall bench or obviously it would be the perfect addition to a little girl’s room. Get it at The Bay

Throws and pillows go together like peanut butter and jelly so add this cute and affordable little blanket in with your fluffy pillow on any sofa or accent chair in your home to create a sweet little blush statment spot. Visit Indigo to pick it up.

Speaking of accent chairs, check out this beauty from Anthropologie. An accent chair is a fantastic way to make a statement without the expense and risk of a larger piece. A good accent chair is always a versatile piece. This one in particular could work as an office chair, sitting room accent, in any bedroom or it would even be very playful to have one at either end of a rectangular dining table for something different.

Who doesn’t love lighting a beautiful scented candle after a hard day at the office? This Pure Peony Blush from Indigo Home is sure to bring some relaxing vibes when you need it most.

Pottery Barn always seems to embrace a trend in their own unique way. This silk lumbar pillow is classic and elegant but still embraces the trend in a subtle way. Place it in front of the sheep’s pillow from The Bay and you will have quite the pretty and trendy blush combo.

Saving the best for last, this stunning wall decal packs quite the punch. Sitting rooms, laundry rooms and powder rooms could receive an instant makeover with this catching floral arrangement. I love decals because they are very easy to install, they are usually well priced and they can instantly transform a space. If after a few months you decide you are done with this trend you simply peel it off and move on to whatever else tickles your fancy!

Have you embraced the blush? Send me a picture of your home, I’d love to see what you have done! Feel free to reach out with any questions you have about your space. I’m always here to help.